A course in essay writing designed to develop skill in paragraph construction and methods of presentation.  The course includes practice in critical reading and analysis of texts as well as an introduction to researching and properly documenting sources using MLA format, composing and editing an essay using a word-processing program, accessing information from the World Wide Web, and understanding the differences between electronic databases and the Web.  This course is termed a writing intensive course and requires a minimum of 4,000 words of instructor-evaluated writing per student, including a minimum of three graded assignments over the duration of the course.  If completed with a grade of “C” or better  this course serves to complete part of the writing intensive course requirements.

  • The basic mechanics of language relative to the requirements for the College Level Academic Skills Program.
  • The development of a central thesis into a complete essay.
  • The reading of essays with critical awareness and comprehension.
  • The introduction of electronic research techniques and MLA style of documentation.

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