Distributed Computer Systems Administrator

MIS Program Manager

Supervisor: Alberto Perez

1100 Loveland Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL  33980

(941) 624-7200

  • Plans, designs, and coordinates a distributed processing system (short and long term) with statewide or area networking in a multi-agency environment.
  • Consults with agency administrators and users to conduct information assessments to determine user needs and to define systems requirements.
  • Designs and configures a distributed computer systems environment with appropriate hardware, operating systems software, applications software, and communications components to solve business/office problems for a wide area or statewide multi-agency network.
  • Conducts research and development in distributed processing and information system technologies to support the planning and enhancement of the statewide distributed computer systems network including hardware, software, and communications resources.
  • Administers the designs, codes, tests, and documents computer applications and interfaces applications with existing mainframe applications or data bases.
  • Establishes methods and procedures for use of the distributed computer systems including hardware, software, communications, and user training.
  • Interfaces with all state agencies distributed systems support groups to ensure the distributed processing plan is consistent with the agency objective, and is compatible with existing applications and security requirements.
  • Coordinates and ensures the standard implementation of policies, procedures and systems operations with local computer support personnel.
  • Develops hardware configuration plans for distributed processing systems.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of hardware, software, and communications performance.
  • Ensures equipment is meeting the needs of state agencies as defined in the distributed processing plan and modifies the distributed processing plan as required.
  • Evaluates and selects vendor packaged software or custom written packages from agency or external sources when appropriate.
  • Coordinates with agency management for the acquisition of and contracting for hardware, software, and services (including maintenance).
  • Conducts on-going system audits to evaluate the utility and efficiency of the system’s hardware, software, and communications components and the effectiveness of user training programs in meeting management information needs.
  • Performs related work as required.