Distributed Computer Systems Specialist

Supervisor: Keith Campbell

 514 East Grace Street, Punta Gorda, FL  33950

(941) 639-1181

  • Consults with users and assists the Distributed Computer Systems Analyst in conducting information assessments to define user needs and systems requirements.
  • Assists the analyst in the design and configuration of a distributed computer systems environment with appropriate hardware, operating systems software, applications software, and communications components to solve business/office problems for the local area networks.
  • Assists the analyst in establishing methods and procedures for use of the distributed computer systems including hardware, software, communications, and user training.
  • Installs and implements distributed computer systems hardware, software, and communications components including enhancements and upgrades.
  • Determines appropriateness of installing existing operating systems and applications software based on the local area networks’ specific work function, volume of work, and systems storage capacity.
  • Edits and modifies configuration files for the distributed computer operating systems software, applications software, and for communications with other computers, printers, and other peripheral equipment.
  • Serves as a liaison with vendors to provide for special requirements for hardware and communications components such as building modifications, air conditioning, electrical or cabling requirements.
  • Monitors the use of software and hardware throughout the network and provides for on-going identification and resolution of user needs.
  • Conducts on-site system reviews to evaluate user compliance to system standards and procedures.
  • Analyzes and resolves hardware, software, and communications problems using diagnostic software and/or technical trouble shooting processes.
  • Performs on-going networking audits to maintain system security and integrity.
  • Operates equipment in conjunction with the Distributed Computer Systems Analyst to test new programs.
  • Conducts on-going support to identify methods/techniques for improving the use of existing hardware, software, and documentation.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of hardware, software, and communications performance and coordinates with the analyst for improvements.
  • Assists the analyst in the development and coordination of a distributed processing plan (short term and long term) for the local area networks.
  • Monitors the software used to ensure that it is meeting the need of the local area networks.
  • Maintains operating records relating to system production, performance and deficiencies.
  • Maintains an inventory of the networks’ distributed processing hardware, software, and training including serial numbers, property numbers, level of software, type of training and to whom provided.
  • Performs related work as required.